Kristin Marchman

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instagram: @chirokristin and @dropsofhealth


location: Cumming, GA

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Kristin – an Ohio native living in Georgia who is a chiropractor, wife to a handsome guy named Tyler, mommy to two sweet boys (Brody and Tanner) and a precious baby girl (Keelie), and essential oils ADDICT. Since chiropractic school opened my eyes to natural health over 10 years ago, I’ve embraced a much more holistic lifestyle, even though my husband still has a hard time admitting that we are “crunchy” 😉. Essential oils have done wonders for my family, so I love sharing about them. I have more homemade creams, sprays, and rollers than I can count and I use them every single day. I love knowing I’m using the best of the best for myself and my boys. These oils are truly amazing gifts from our God and I think they belong in every single home.

I would be honored to walk alongside your oily journey with you and welcome you to the Drops of Health community! CLICK HERE to get started today.