Jen Justice


instagram: @jenjustice


location: Cumming, GA

Hello! I’m so glad that you are interested in learning about Young Living oils.

I’ve been married to my favorite person, Joshua, for 8 years, and we have two daughters, Emily and Katherine. My Young Living journey began during my second pregnancy. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for the past 4 years (i.e. unable to take many types of medications), and I am so grateful to have found these powerful oils to support my family’s health!

I was reluctant to get started because, let’s be honest, these oils are not cheap, and I am Miss Frugality! I am still careful about my spending and mostly stick to a handful of basic oils, but I have found that this is one area that it is worth paying top-quality price for the top-quality product you receive.

I would love to introduce you to these oils and to share the role they play in our family’s health and well-being. Click here to start your own journey with a YL Essential Oils Starter Kit!